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Launching Gantry

Beal Launcher (BL) is the recognized technology and highly efficient system for construction of bridges with concrete beams girder “I”, “T”, “M”, “U” beams.

Beam Launching Gantry consists of main girder, crane, front legs, rear legs, front leg cylinder, rear leg cylinder and the transverse connection of front, middle, rear legs. The control part is composed of hydraulic system and electric control system. The bridge girder erection machine is characterized by reasonable compact structure and convenient installation, the main standard girder is connected by pin connection. The double girder structure is connected between the two frame girders by welded pipe.                        

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Modern Service Standard

eam Launching Gantry merges an adaptation of a wide range of work, excellent performance, convenient operation, safety structure into a single whole. It has the steel structure of rail type precast beam hoisting rack equipment. This product can be used not only in plain construction, but also to meet the construction of mountain highway slope, small radius curved bridge, skew bridge and tunnel bridge requirements.

  • Grade of machine : 100
  • Capacity : 0.91m/min
  • Lifting speed : 0.91m/min
  • Longitudinal speed : 0.91m/min

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